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Skin tag can be found on any part of the body. It had been known to be found on the armpit and even near the eyelid. There are times it can appear on ordinary part of the skin and it can also be found on the penis. Several times, reports have been made of the skin condition occurring at the anal region. This simple write up will be discussing about the skin tag on the anal region and you will be given an insight into how to get it removed in case you are one of those having it.

Its general characteristics

When skin tag appears on the penal shaft, it tends to be very dangerous. This is because the person so affected by it may find it difficult to put on tight fitting pant or trouser. When this is done, the clothing material will rub on the tag and this will lead to formation of bruise on the tag. When this happens, bleeding can occur and the person having it will be in pain. Love making can also cause considerable pain on the penal shaft if it has skin tag on it. It therefore becomes very important to get the tag removed as soon as possible.

Freeze it off

In order to remove skin tag from the skin around the penal shaft, one can decide to freeze it off. This is done by applying liquid nitrogen to it. In order to do this, you have to dip tweezers into the liquid nitrogen and apply the tweezers on the base of the tag. Leave the tweezers in place until the skin tag freezes. This method requires that you repeat it several times. If possible repeat it up to three times in a day for quick result.

Try castor oil

You can also make use of castor oil to remove the skin tag on the penal shaft. Mix the castor oil with baking soda. This will form a paste. Apply the paste directly to the surface of the tag and you can be sure that the tag will dry off. It is also important to repeat this for as many times as possible so as to get quick result.


For those `who really want to get rid of skin tag from their penal shaft, they really need to exercise patience with every of the methods that had been highlighted above. This will ensure that you get a positive result at the end of the day.

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If you have skin tag on your face or your arm, it can still be considered as normal. If you have skin tags on other parts of your body like the armpit, one may still not count it as something strange. But when you begin to have this same skin condition on other secretive parts like your anus and your inner thigh, then that is entirely something else. The disgusting part of this skin condition termed skin tag is that it can occur on any part of the body. It can be so painful when it appears on the inner thigh; considering the fact that clothing always brushes on these areas.

Things can get complicated

When clothing brushes on the skin tag on your inner thigh, things can really become problematic. The surface of the tag can become bruised and this will lead to pain and bleeding. Because of the moist nature of the inner thigh, the place is occupied by bacteria of several kinds. The bacteria can come in contact with the bleeding skin tag and get the thing infected. This complication may require further urgent treatment. If not, the whole place may become inflamed and further health problems will arise.

How do they get there?

One question that anyone having skin tag on the inner thigh will love to get answer to is how this skin condition gets to the inner thigh. In actual fact, much research had been done in an attempt to answer this question, but nothing much had been achieved in the process. But it had been noticed that the tags normally appear in the crease area of the body. This is why it can be found in places like the armpit, the neck and even the groin. This is why skin tag can also occur at the inner thigh.

As the crease areas rub on each other, the skin tag tends to come up. The whole situation gets worse if the affected person is rather obese. Obesity brings up more crease areas all over the body and the person stands a greater risk of coming up with more of the tags. In this situation, the tags can also get infected quickly; don’t forget that the fatter you are, the sweatier you become and the more bacteria you will have thriving on your inner thigh. But simple methods can be utilized to get rid of the skin tag.

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Skin tags are a very common skin condition affecting both men and women. This skin condition is purely benign and there is no reason for a cause of alarm. This condition is characterized by hanging skin that is soft.


This skin condition is caused by obesity, pregnancy hormones, inherited or acquired. It affects several body parts like the eyelids, the folds of the groin, under the breasts, upper chest and the armpits. These are all areas that are normally subjected to friction from cloths or surrounding skin.


Since skin tags are harmless, treatment is usually sought for cosmetic reasons. Out of the many ways of dealing with tags, freezing them in a process known as cryotherapy is an option. This method is best used at the hospital by your dermatologist but for general knowledge, you need to know how to freeze off skin tags. People seek to know how to freeze off skin tags because knowing how to freeze off skin tags will enable you to know how to numb it.


The first thing you need to know about how to freeze skin tags is that you need to do it at the dermatologist’s. The dermatologist will use liquid nitrogen to freeze off the skin tags. If you know how to freeze off skin tags, you will be able to know what the dermatologist is doing to you.


That is all you need to know about how o freeze off skin tags at the hospital. The rest is for the dermatologist to know as they are taught on how to freeze off skin tags at school. You also need to know how to freeze off skin tags at your home level. Freezing off skin tags at home requires very cold ice. This is then put on the growths to numb them and afterwards, you can cut the skin tags off.


Other than knowing how to freeze off skin tags, you need to know other ways of dealing with skin tags. Knowing how to freeze skin tags is not enough. You can have medications meant for warts to treat your skin tags. These treatments work better on skin tags than warts.


You not only need to know how to freeze off skin tags but also how to numb them using a string.  This is done by tightly tying a string at the base of the skin tags and this will stop blood flow into the tags hence numbing them.

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Skin Tags On Neck

Skin tags are non-harmful flaps of skin that protrude from the surrounding body skin and they are considered by dermatologist as small tumors. They normally grow slowly to a specific size of about half an inch and then stop growing. Skin tags are formed when an outer layer of skin begins to overgrow envelops collagen fibers. Although they are painless and cause no harm they are irritating as they mostly appear in areas of rapid friction which include neck, groin and armpit.

Skin tags on neck can be caused by various factors such as obesity, diabetes and use of steroids. However, skin tags do not cause an alarming health concern as they are harmful, non-cancerous and painless growths that occur on the outer skin of the body. Research studies done on skin tags also indicate that rubbing against the skin causing friction is a major cause hence that explains the reason why they are most common in areas of rapid movement such as the armpit.

Skin tags on neck are mostly displeasing as they are very visible and irritating hence the desire of immediate removal from a patient. Skin tags on neck can be removed by various ways including self treatment using home remedies or one may choose to dermatologist or a trained professional for proper removal of skin tags.

In case of a dermatologist or a trained professional various methods such as cryotherapy, electrocautery, laser skin tag treatment and surgical ligation may be used to remove skin tag on neck. Self treatment using home remedies can also be applied where one can use simple applicable techniques to remove the skin tags.

Cryotherapy is an effective method to remove skin tags on neck as it kills the cells on the neck skin tag causing them to disintegrate and then fall off. Liquid nitrogen is used in cryotherapy to freeze the cells in the skin tag hence causing the disintegration. It is an effective method as it does not affect the surrounding cells.

Skin tags on neck can be treated by a dermatologist using electrocautery method where an electrolysis machine is equipped with advanced settings that can remove skin tags of all sizes. The skin tags can also be treated using laser skin surgery and also surgical ligation where skin tags are carefully removed in surgical procedures.

Skin tags on neck can also be removed using home remedies where one can either disinfect the cutting tools and remove the skin tag by cutting it or tie a string tightly at the base of the skin fold to remove it.

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Remove Skin Tag

A skin tag is not harmful in any way but are usually different from the skin surrounding them and to make matters worse, they protrude from the skin. This is exactly what makes them very unpleasant and finding a way to safely remove skin tag is a priority to people who have them.

There are a many ways that you can use to remove skin tag. The one that you choose to employ greatly depends on the number of skin tags, their size and the things that are available for you to use in their removal. If for example you are able to consult a dermatologist, then you are at a good position to have your skin tags removed by the most effective methods like cryotherapy and electrolysis.

Cryotherapy, in case you are wondering is an advanced skin tag removal method that is aimed at permanently removing skin tags, especially if they are spread over a wide area. This method employs the use of liquid Nitrogen to freeze the skin tags and kill the cells within them. This in turn causes the skin tags to fall off.

Electrolysis on the other hand, involves the use of an electric current, instead of liquid Nitrogen, to kill the cell tissues within the skin tags. The current is carefully directed into the skin tags and immediately causes the tags to fall off after the cells die.

If you are unable to consult a dermatologist, you can opt for the easiest methods that can easily be carried out at home. One of such methods is the use of a string that is tightly tied at the base of the skin tag stalk to deprive it of oxygen and other nutrients. This deprivation goes on for a couple of days until all the cells within it die and the skin tag falls off.

If you want faster methods to remove skin tag, you can instantly remove it by cutting it off. But please remember that you are dealing with a part of your skin here and not your nails. Therefore, you have to be very careful and thus you need to sterilize your cutting tool and ensure the area around the skin tag is numbed before starting out the procedure.

All in all, ensure that you are completely safe in any method that you use to remove skin tags.

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